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The Girl Who Was a Number: Chapter 15 :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 0 6
Kenshiro Ito enjoying ice cream by DinoMoneyMan Kenshiro Ito enjoying ice cream :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 0
Mature content
The Cyanide Lollipop Gang :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 6
Mature content
The Girl Who Was a Number: Chapter 14 :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 1 21
Faye Xiao Mao: New Name/New Life
     Xiao Mao. It basically means 'small cat'. Faye was a nickname I've often used despite my real name being Sabrina. Due to my petite frame, my delmo friends would tend to playfully tease me for being small, due to my attitude I was often described as 'catty', and I was also known for having 'catlike' reflexes. Because of this it only made sense for my new name on my fake ID to be 'Faye Xiao Mao' after the Delmogeny fell. Obviously 'Sabrina Li' would be known as a wanted terrorist, but Faye Xiao Mao? Just a normal young woman, right? With my new name I thought I could start a new life free of the repercussions of the incident. Of course it isn't actually that simple though. I should just start from the beginning...
     Plenty of lesser delmos could turn themselves in and be faced with at least somewhat lenient sentences, but not me. I needed a new identity since I sort of committed a
:icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 3 18
Shrink Ray 3 (END) by DinoMoneyMan Shrink Ray 3 (END) :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 3 0 Shrink Ray 2 by DinoMoneyMan Shrink Ray 2 :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 0 Shrink Ray 1 by DinoMoneyMan Shrink Ray 1 :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 3 The Miyatos by DinoMoneyMan The Miyatos :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 4 3
The Girl Who Was a Number: Chapter 13
     After seeing the commotion in the cafeteria, Maxine Anderson rushed from her office to see what was happening. The hostages Sofia Svensson and Daisy Dostoyevski were being herded back into their cell, but Katherine Kovács was nowhere to be seen. There was a crowd of stargirls around something Maxine couldn't quite make out. 
     "Girls, please stay calm! Please stand aside and let the nurses do their jobs!" Angelica Snow called out, to which some of the girls listened.
     Upon seeing Maxine, the stargirls politely cleared a path for their respected leader. There was a stargirl, Mizuki, unconscious on the floor being given chest compressions by Diane, a nurse stargirl.
     "What the hell happened?" Maxine exclaimed.
     "It was the hostage," Diane replied, panicked. "She found of about Mizuki's extremely low tolerance to alcohol, so she she spiked her drink with whisky. She's having
:icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 16
Mature content
The Girl Who Was a Number: Chapter 12 :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 3 12
The Girl Who Was a Number: Chapter 11
     "Oh dear... Oh my dear lord, this is bad. This is very, very, very bad! Where in the world is she?"
     Acclaimed Maxicorp nurse, Candice "Candy" Shmidt, paced around the medical ward, looking for her missing patient. Candy had been concerned for this patient's well-being both mentally and physically for a while now, and out of the blue she was missing. Candy was usually an optimist. She was always able to keep the spirits of her patients up when times were tough, but when the time called for it she got rightfully worried. What might have happened to her patient? What if she got hurt somewhere, somehow? Stargirls were no strangers to getting badly injured and even killed, and with every casualty Candy would grieve as if she had lost her best friend. 
     Candy looked everywhere she could possibly think of looking, but she could not find her patient anywhere. She conceded that she would have to report this directly to
:icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 10
Jezebel the hypnotist vs. evil alien babe by DinoMoneyMan Jezebel the hypnotist vs. evil alien babe :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 3 0
The Girl Who Was a Number: Chapter 10
     It was the day after Digit's first day at Fairy Incorporated, and she was already worried that it might have been a mistake to even try this crazy plan to spy on Fairy in the first  place, but she soldiered on, deciding that day to take up an acquaintance on an offer to hang out. She had nothing better to do after finishing up her relatively simple tasks for the day, so she went to room A-05 and knocked on the door. She had butterflies in her stomach when waiting for an answer since she was quite awkward with meeting new people. Most of her life she only knew mainly other clones and that one sadistic Genesystems employee, Simone , so she certainly lack several basic social skills.
     Soon there was answer to the knocking. "Daisy, nice to see you again. I did not think you would actually show up so soon." Said Ayami, opening the door for Digit.
     "Well I mean I finished my mission assignment for today and it's still early, so I
:icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 2 6
Be My Valentine, Kenshiro Ito!
     Kenshiro posted an update to his blog, "Ken's Konspiracy Korner". (It was an old title that Ken found somewhat silly now, but with how long he's had it, he was pretty much stuck with it) It read as follows:
     "Hey, It's your friend Ken again. I have a few new theories in the works that I'm sure all you henchwoman conspiracy fans will be interested in. I know you all want to hear more about the escaped Genesystems clone and whether Genesystems is being one-hundred percent truthful with you. As I've said before they are certainly not to be trusted at all. There's more at play there then they're telling you. Today though I'm a little too busy to make any conspiracy videos. It's Valentine's Day, and I've got other plans. After a long day of work, I actually happen to have a date planned tonight! Wish me luck, and remember: The Great Escape is open to anyone. If you want good food, advice, or maybe even want a job, then come right on down
:icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 0 15
Stargirl Friends by DinoMoneyMan Stargirl Friends :icondinomoneyman:DinoMoneyMan 1 3



Primarily focused characters in The Girl Who Was a Number

Clone E-5200 (More commonly known as Digit)- Digit is a cute, shy, sometimes depressed girl who likes to read books as an escape from the real world. She has a childlike innocence since she was mass produced clone from a shady company called Genesystems and never saw the outside world. She disliked being forced into this job and the bad treatment she received from her superiors, so one day she managed to break free from captivity with the help of her new friend Nicole, and attempted to start a new life.

Nicole Paloma: As an ex-serpent mercenary, a group dedicated to taking down crime, Nicole first appears to be a brash and intimidating vigilante, but in truth she is a kindhearted individual who wants to make a difference in the world. Always willing to help those in need, but it may sometime be difficult to gain her full trust if you lack a positive outward demeanor.

Kenshiro Ito: Ken is sort of Suave, but also sort of sloppy. Definitely intelligent, but also a total dork. Kenshiro runs a maid cafe called 'The Great Escape' which is staffed mostly by ex-henchwomen and people with nowhere else to turn to. As once said by Nicole, he's like a magnet for chicks with issues. Also runs a blog.

Emi Miyato: A troubled girl with a difficult past. Emi is normally a recluse, but when she wants something, she gets it. Smells like fish.

Maxine Anderson: The leader of the technology development, fashion, and henchwoman group, Maxicorp. Sure, she's an absolute conniving bitch, but she's true to her word and actually cares about the girls she commands over.

Jennifer Chang: The looming villain. Jennifer is a genius scientist who specializes in genetics who likes having people to order around, so she cloned her own personal army to control.

Less prominent Characters, often explored in side stories.

Faye Xiao Mao: Formerly known as Sabrina Li, Faye Xiao Mao is the Delmo who disguised herself as a waitress and eventually shot down the boat which carried Aika Sumeragi's Friends. Now the cynical woman works at The Great Escape along with an unlikely new friend, Karen Minamino. (Karen not being included in this list because her name and personality is not an original concept, unlike Faye who was originally an unnamed random delmo)

Candice Shmidt: Candice, better known as 'Candy' is Maxicorp's top nurse and an almost motherly figure to stargirls.

Angelica Snow: Maxicorp's poster-girl and a prodigy actress since she was very young.


I've had enough of a break. It's writing time! :D
I need to be more active in general. I've been in a slump where I'm unable to will myself to do anything other than what is absolutely necessary.
I've been doing a lot of writing for things other than Deviantart. Like... paperwork. Yay, paperwork. Grump Grump Grump 
Ehhhh, writer's block. Gonna sleep on it.
I've been thinking of writing something about monster girls. Soon enough... :P


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The story will be a Black Delmo's backstory, events from trial 1-7, and post delmogeny. It's from her side. They'll be OCs like Aika having a younger brother, so it's slightly different than the canon.

You got some ideas you are willing to share?
DinoMoneyMan Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Ideas? I've got too many to count! With your current fairly basic description though, I don't actually have anything in particular to suggest. Sweating a little... Feel free to ask me if you ever need some inspiration or something though! :D :D :D
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